Saturday, November 3, 2007

Siege of terror continues in Pakistan

Pakistan's President, General Pervez Musharraf, imposed a state of emergency in the country amidst the unprecendented violence taking a toll on the local population. Now everyone seems to be critical of Musharraf's decision, but I absolutely feel it was the right thing to do. Earlier today, Islamic terrorists kidnapped over 100 security forces in the northwest and overran two police checkpoints. These past couple of weeks, bombings, shootings, and clashes between soldiers and insurgents have left hundreds of people dead. Major Pakistani cities are under siege from suicide bombers, one of whom attempted to get into Musharraf's office earlier this week and killed seven people when police prevented him from getting through. With all this terror gripping his nation, Musharraf has every right to declare a state of emergency or even marshal law if he feels the need to. I'm dissapointed in President Bush's response to this situation. The White House is saying its concerned that Pakistan's "democratic future" is in danger, and far left fanatics who embrace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemn Musharraf as a dictator when nothing could be further from the truth. Under his leadership, Pakistan's economy, military strength, technology, and democracy have flourished. In recent months, Islamic terrorists have dragged the country back into turmoil, just as they are attempting to do in Iraq. If Musharraf falls, we're all screwed. Last year, when Israel invaded Lebanon to defend itself from HEzbollah guerillas, the USA defended Israel from the very beginning because they are our ally. Well, Pakistan is one of our allies too, and they are facing an even more dangerous threat. We should be defending Musharraf every step of the way as he tries to rid his country of people our military only has to worry about fighting overseas.

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