Saturday, November 24, 2007

Global Warming News!

Yesterday I got an article published in my town newspaper about global warming. It felt could to be the voice of reason in a sea of mass hysteria, especially here in California. Now, I'm expecting a backlash from some of the enviromental fanatics who see man-made global warming almost like a religion. The editor will probably get a handful of letters attacking me for being a "global warming denier" and other stuff like that. The fact is, the left is just angry that there's people out there who don't buy into the idea that human-beings are solely responsible for global warming and that the end is near. Now that I'm in the public domain, I'm going to do my best to counter the one-sided propaganda everyone's been getting about the climate change debate.

Other GW news: Sadly, Prime Minister John Howard, "the greatest leader the world has ever seen" as Steve Irwin called him, has lost his bid for another term to one of Al-Gore's ordained ministers, a man named Kevin Rudd, in Australia. This nut is sure to ratify the sham of a treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol. All I can say is that Prime Minister Howard was a good man and he deserves much praise.


Tom Leidenthal said...

I by no means am a giant global warming freak, but I do think we contribute quite a bit to the problem. I think the emissions from our vehicles should be cleaner, if not non existent. The ability to make cleaner cars is out there, but car companies know they will lose more money by striving to be cleaner. Oil Companies I understand have some sort of alliance with Car companies, and that's slowly making electric cars an impossibility.
I'm concerned about the environment, but not because of all this global warming nonsense.

Though this comment isn't well written, or really organized at all I hope you find it helpful.

Militant Omnitheist said...

I agree with what you are saying. Pollution is definetely a problem and we should be working to get rid of it. Just look at L.A. and the cloud of smog that hangs over it. Obviously thats not a good thing. We also need to get off of forieng oil because its hurting this country. However, I just don't buy into the theory that human beings are able to "alter the climate" because of the cars we're driving. History tells us the climate has changed a lot over the eons.