Thursday, November 8, 2007

Absolute Al...

There's been no shortage of global warming news these last couple of days. NBC news has announced there going green! That means every affiliation from sports broadcasts to the Today Show will be preaching sermons amount global warming and the "actions" we can take to "stop it". The Today Shown even featured Al Gore on Monday. In his inerview, he is demanding that journalists end the traditional practice of reporting both sides of the story when it comes to climate change. Basically, he wants to silence those who disagree with him. This is just another attempt by the media to try and influence (brainwash) the American public. The Today show tried it last year, being the first media outlet to officially declare Iraq as a "civil war". Well, that last ditch effort to bring about failure in Iraq failed itself. Now its all about global warming and how people need to start panicking about melting ice caps and drowning polar bears. Earlier this week, congress brought in a hysterical teenage girl from Alaska to testify about the "devastating" effects she's seeing in her home state as a result of global warming. This girl should ask herself if she really believes that by reducing emissions and riding public transportation we can cool Alaska off. It's completely ridiculous! I think we should take the Today Show's advice to conserve energy by turning them off.

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