Monday, October 29, 2007

A mistake was made...

Yesterday, I came out against the documentary "Redacted", a hateful film depicting our soldiers as a bunch of murderers, and said that it should be shown in an Islamic Jihad training camp instead of American theatres. Well, I made a mistake saying that. Not only was it wrong, it was ignorant to suggest that only a small Palestinian terrorist group would benefit from seeing the movie. Hostile countries, like Iran, and larger terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda could also use this film for recruitment. If Brian De Palma wants to attract a large audience, he should premier it in a Revolutionary Guards compound outside of Tehran or feature clips of it on Syrian hate television, where he'd been able to enlist plenty of willing martyrdom seekers to stand up to the "illegal" war in Iraq. I don't want to sound like some crazy right-wing blogger, but this is exactly what this movie will do. A radical Islamic cleric running a madrassa (religious school) would love to get a copy of "Redacted" because it would anger Muslim students and turn them against the United States. I just hope Brian De Palma knows that it will be his fault if one of those students packs a car full of explosives and harms anyone in the name of Jihad. This movie though is certain to do more harm to our efforts in the war on terror than anyone who has done something like that.

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