Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taliban murders schoolchildren, assasinates members of Afghanistan's parliament

Afghanistan lost six members of its parliament today after the Taliban sent another suicide attacker into a crowd of children waiting to greet the officials at a sugar factory in the country's north. The blast caused a significant loss of life, and police are saying that some fifty people were killed, many of whom were innocent children. Because the attack was so devastating, NATO and Afghan officials say the toll could be much higher. This is just another example of how terrible these people are. How can someone actually bring themself to blow up children? The Taliban is denying responsibility for this, and its probably because they know the Afghan people will turn against them for slaughtering innocent children. It seems the homicidal maniac who strapped a bomb to himself was so determined to reach the delegation of parliamentarians that he was willing to set off his explosives in a crowd of kids to do it. This is some sick stuff and these people are pure evil. The US and our allies need to send more soldiers to Afghanistan and the government needs to recruit more soldiers to wipe these fantical terrorists out once and for all. We owe it to the people of Afghanistan so they can rebuild their country without having to worry about their kids being killed.

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