Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The cult of enoviromentalism

I know I just did a global warming post, but I saw this the other day and it just made me sick. Apparently, some woman in the UK aborted her baby so she could "reduce her carbon footprint". She even said that having children is selfish and harms the earth by increasing the populatuon. This is insane! This global warming hysteria is turning into a cult. We're actually at a point where people are willing to sacrifice their children in order to bow to the scripture of enviromentalism. I've said this before...it's a religion, complete with Al Gore (the prophet) his movie (bible) computer models (scripture) ministers (Kevin Rudd, other leaders), heaven (going green) and hell (globally warmed, hurricane and fire ravaged earth). Only now its gone from being a joke to outright crazy. It can even qualify as a cult, now that enviromentalists are apparently doing human scarifices. This is truly despicable.

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