Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The new anti-semitism

"What these neoconservatives seek is to conscript American blood to make the world safe for Israel. They want the peace of the sword imposed on Islam and American soldiers to die if necessary to impose it."

-Pat Buchanan
Isolationist Kook

This clip from the movie Borat is a good example of how the fringe anti-war movement seems to see the Jewish people. I've been doing a lot of blog surfing these last few days and I have found some pretty disturbing stuff. Conspiracies theories are swirling all over the anti-war blogs, both far-right and far-left. One nutty blogger actually alleged that "the Jews" are really in control of American politics and are pushing for dominance in the Middle East. Now where have we heard crap like this before? If you guessed 1930's Germany, your correct. Think about it. First, they alleged that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were behind the Iraq War and Bush was their puppet...and it was all for oil. Now, apparently the Jews are responsible! And they're seeking world domination! This is no different than the anti-semitic rants put out on Iranian hate television that accuse the Jews of orachestrating 9/11. Just the same, these conspiracy theories are right up there with the 9/11 truth movement. The anti-war left and isolationist right have one thing in common, apparently: they hate Israel. Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, the "God bless America and no place else" conservatives, want the U.S. to abandon Israel, while the air america liberals think that Israel is pulling the strings behind George W's motives. I don't know why Israel is hated so much. They are the victims of terrorism and just want peace, no matter what else you hear. They have given concession after concession but no one seems to care.

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