Saturday, November 24, 2007

24 hours in this world

November 23rd-24th is an example of just how dangerous the world has become:

India: 16 people were killed in a series of bicycle bombs exploded outside of several courthouses in three northeastern towns. Indian intelligence fears terrorists are trying to spark a war between majority Hindus and Muslims.

Pakistan: Suicide car bombers killed as many as 35 people in the city of Rwalpindi, south of the capital Islamabad. Most of the casuaties were elite ISI specailists onboard a bus, while the other attacker hit a military checkpoint. Dozens more were wounded.

Afghanistan: A Taliban bomber killed 7 children and an Italian soldier working on a bridge in Kabul. Also, 7 Afghan police and an Australian soldier died in a fierce gunfight with Taliban militants.

Iraq: Twin blasts hit Baghdad and the northern city of Mosul. 28 people died in the attacks, the first of which hit a pet shop in Baghdad and is being blamed on Iranian-backed Shiite militiamen.

Lebanon: The Pro-Syrian president left office without a sucessor, forcing the army to send tens of thousands of soldiers onto the streets of Beirut. Many fear a power vacuum could re-ignite warring factions and throw the country back into civil war.

Congo: Renegade General Laurent Nkunda and his Tutsis rebels launched an attack on army positions in the lawless east. Local Congolese are reporting explosions, shelling, and machine gun firing raining down on the countryside. So far, the largely impotent UN force has been unable to reach the area.

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