Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bill Clinton's house of waffles

I was watching the news this morning and was shocked to hear Bill Clintion say he never supported the Iraq War from the beginning. In the late 90's, when the bombs were falling in Baghdad, Bill was saying that the UN weapons inspections were a sham and Saddam was working on a clandestine weapons program. In the lead up to the war, his colleagues--including John Kerry, John Edwards, and Hillary--were all calling for the invasion of Iraq to neautralize Saddams "stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction" and bring freedom to the people of Iraq. Predictably, as problems in Iraq arose and the democrats distanced themselves from the invasion, saying it was Bush's war and the "mess" was all because of mismanagement by Donald Rumsfeld, the man the democrats see as the anti-christ himself. Now its all about "changing course" in Iraq, meaning we need to declare failure. At the end of the day, politicians only care about power and Bill and Hillary are the perfect example. To be honest, I'm surprised Bill is taking an even more extreme anti-war stance on the war instead of trying to spin Hillary's waffling into supporting it. In earlier posts, I've warned that the democratic campaign for the White House is in serious danger of imploding if the American people find out the truth about what's really going on in Iraq--the facts that violence has fallen almost 80% in Baghdad and Iraqi people are rising up to fight extremism. The media is sure to do its best to try and ignore the progress, but it will only work for so long. That's why It won't be a surprise if Hillary wins the nomination and starts changing her view on Iraq AGAIN. Before today, I had respect for Bill Clinton (aside from his catostrophic decisions regarding Rwanda and Somalia). I believe he accomplished some good things for the United States during his time in office. But this just shows he is like all the other politcians. Even some republicans who have stood beside the Bush Administration are jumping ship because their terrified of losing votes. President Bush on the other hand, doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about poll numbers or how the American people feel. He does what he has to do, which means succeeding in Iraq and allowing democracy and freedom to flourish in that region. As far as the 2008 presidential election is concerned, I don't know what's going to happen. Bill and Hill's supporters obviously believe the lies they are telling them about being anti-war from the begining. Even though Iraq is turning aroud (6,000 Sunnis stepped up to man checkpoints across Iraq today), the ship has already left the dock with the anti-war movement taking hold across the US, as I've said before. I want to say the American people will somehow get smarter and reject Hillary's phony positions, but I don't know if they'll realize it by then. I don't even know how the Clinton's really do feel about issues like Iraq since they change their views according to how the country feels. I have an uncle who once told me that politicans should only be allowed to serve one term. That way they never have to worry about getting re-elected and can focus all their energy on improving this country. That's the way it should be.

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