Monday, October 29, 2007

A mistake was made...

Yesterday, I came out against the documentary "Redacted", a hateful film depicting our soldiers as a bunch of murderers, and said that it should be shown in an Islamic Jihad training camp instead of American theatres. Well, I made a mistake saying that. Not only was it wrong, it was ignorant to suggest that only a small Palestinian terrorist group would benefit from seeing the movie. Hostile countries, like Iran, and larger terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda could also use this film for recruitment. If Brian De Palma wants to attract a large audience, he should premier it in a Revolutionary Guards compound outside of Tehran or feature clips of it on Syrian hate television, where he'd been able to enlist plenty of willing martyrdom seekers to stand up to the "illegal" war in Iraq. I don't want to sound like some crazy right-wing blogger, but this is exactly what this movie will do. A radical Islamic cleric running a madrassa (religious school) would love to get a copy of "Redacted" because it would anger Muslim students and turn them against the United States. I just hope Brian De Palma knows that it will be his fault if one of those students packs a car full of explosives and harms anyone in the name of Jihad. This movie though is certain to do more harm to our efforts in the war on terror than anyone who has done something like that.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alarmists are all hyped up over new tropical storm

I was watching the news this morning and they were thrilled that the Hurricane season hasn't ended yet. Apparently, Tropical Storm Noel formed off the coast of Haiti this morning, and has reached wind speeds of 60 MPH. This Hurricane season has been a joke for the second year in a row, and the global warming crowd is sure to be praying this strengthens into a threatening hurricane. HELP US AL GORE!!!!

Hollywood's assault on America and the unintended consequences

These past few months, Hollywood has released a barrage of antiwar films, doing everything possible to undermine the Bush administration and American foreign policy. Movies like "Rendition" and "The Bourne Supremacy" paint the government as the bad guys, while others attack our soldiers fighting in Iraq. Brian De Palma, a far-left film producer, has put together "redacted", a movie that exploits the negatives happening in Iraq, like civilians who have been killed in the crossfire and been victims of a vast minority of soldiers who are criminals. Well, Mr. De Palma, are you putting together this garbage because you care about the people of Iraq or because you despise George W. Bush so much that you're willing to make our soldiers look like a bunch of rapist murderers? If he cares for the people of Iraq, why doesn't he make a movie about what could happen if we pull out of that country? But that will never happen, because his movie doesn't care about the Iraqis at all. He's exploting the deaths of innocent people to advance his anti-American agenda. The worst thing about this terrible film is that Muslims around the world might see it and be inspired to attack Americans or sympathize with Al-Qaeda. Some responsible people in the media, like Bill O'Reilly, have made this point several times and questioned why this movie is being released. Now the good thing is, movies like this probably won't get that big of an audience. It might end up being shown in an Islamic Jihad training camp, but most Americans will probably be turned off by this. "Rendition" failed to make the top five at the weekend Box office, as opposed to "The Kingdom", a more pro-American movie that ranked second its first weeekend. But there are other antiwar films that will attract larger audiences, like Robert Redford's "Lions for Lambs", a movie starring Tom Cruise. But then again, "rendition" had an all-star cast and it failed. The American people might be realizing that even though they hear it on the news everyday, America is not the villain. As things turn around in Iraq and the left does everything it can to ensure failure, Americans are getting to see what a bunch buffoons these people really are. The media and Hollywood are trying to mask it by repeating the same anti-Bush rants, but the facts speak for themselves. One of these facts is that George Bush is not evil and his administration is not responsible for the deaths of millions like the extreme antiwar movement claims. The Iraq War is not illegal and yes, there is still hope for democracy there. But what about the bigger dangers other than the advancement of politics and assault on our soldiers? Like I said, movies like the above put America in the spotlight as the bad guy. When people around the world see this stuff, it could turn ruin their image of the United States. Muslims who have favorable views of America could see "redacted" and join the extremist cause. These films also help divide America and make people distrust their leaders. We are more divided than ever and this definetely isn't helping. Hopefully intelligent Americans will boycott these films and help expose them for the proganda they are.

"Never Again"

Everyone should see this

Friday, October 26, 2007

Less talk, more action

Peace talks have begun in Libya to discuss the deteriorating situation in Darfur. The bloody Khartoum government has agreed to participate, but there's one problem. The two main rebel groups have decided not to attend. So who is the government negotiating with? The media is so busy celebrating the collapse of the peace talks between Iraq and Turkey (they're itching to see Iraq fall back into chaos) that they haven't even bothered to bring this up. The Sudanese government has no intention of co-existing in peace with the black population of Darfur. We probably have a better chance of convincing Iran to recognize Israel than seeing a regime that massacres its own citizens with helicopter gunships change its ways and seek a peaceful solution to this almost five-year old conflict. The people who put these peace talks together are making the same mistakes the rest of the internatonal community has made. They think that the regime of Omar Al-Bashir is simply engaged in a "tribal misunderstanding" over land and water. The incompetent UN has even come up with its own suspect for the genocide. Do you know what it is? Global Warming!! The theory is that climate change has dried up resources and now tribes are fighting over land. This is the biggest load of crap I've heard in a long time. This is a GENOCIDE. Genocide is defined as a systematic destruction of a racial, political, or religious group, and that is exactly what's happening in Darfur. These peace talks, like the many before, are destined to fail unless pressure is put on Khartoum to stop its killing rampage against so many innocent people. will any world leader stand up and do the right thing? Or are we just going to reciprocate this horrific cycle again? For God's sake, stop this genocide.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Enviromentalists use wildfires to fill the void left by another weak hurricane season

For the second year in a row, the Atlantic Hurricane season failed to live up to the predictions so many agenda-driven scientists had made. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, enviromentalists were screaming about how global warming was heating up the world's oceans and would bring with it an age of "superstorms"...and it would all be our fault unless we changed our ways. But, over the last two years, not one real hurricane has hit the United States (the exception being an 80 mph wind storm that brushed the Gulf Coast earlier this year...that got their hopes up). These past couple of hurricane seasons have been a joke and prove that the "science" behind global warming is inconclusive and unreliable. So, since they don't have hurricanes right now, what do the enviromentalists do now? They politicize the wildfires tearing through southern california. Now this is scary stuff, what's happening down south. Up here in Northern California, I'm a good ways away, but the thought of fifty-foot flames engulfing houses is more than a little unnerving. But while Californians try to rebuild their lives and stop these fires from inflicting any more sufferering, we have politicians politicizing this thing. Yesterday, Harry Reid, the moron who got owned by Rush Limbaugh last week, blamed the fires on global warming. Other politicians, like Barbara Boxer (Who unfortunaly represents my state and I am proud to say I DID NOT vote for) are trying to make this into another Katrina by blaming George Bush and the War in Iraq. The left says that all our equipment is in Iraq even though Califonia has over 17,000 National Guardsmen on standby. The firefighters are doing a heroic job, but just like Katrina, this is an unprecedented disaster and they can only do so much. It makes me sick hearing this stuff. All of this crap about the military being stretched thin is greatly exaggerated. I hope my fellow californians will condemn what Barbara Boxer said by speaking out in the next election. The same goes for Harry Reid and the people of Nevada (Reid's approval rating has plummeted over the last few months, and unlike George Bush, he's up for re-election next year. This Congress is effectively useless, or so I've concluded. They've been trying to bring about failure in Iraq, borught up useless bills condemning a genocide that happened 100 years ago while genocide rages in Africa, and now they're spewing out the same rhetoric they used with New Orleans. Enough already. We should all be working together to stop these fires and rebuild lives and houses. This is an act of nature, it didn't happen because of George Bush or the War in Iraq, and we wouldn't have been able to prevent it from happening if we had all just listened to Al Gore when he first "warned" us about global warming. Natural distaters have been happening for millions of years and they will continue to. The only thing we can change is the way we deal with them, and that starts with leaving politics in Washington.

Vacationing in Afghanistan

This is pretty cool what these guys did. I hope I can do something like this in the future.

You Must Take Me Here

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NOVEMBER 3rd, I can't miss this, come with me please, even if it's only for a couple hours

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank you America...welcome to Iraqi Kurdistan

Showing support...

I just placed an order for an 2x3 foot Pakistani flag to show my support for the Pakistanis as they face down terrorism in light of the horrific Oct. 18th Karachi bombings. Also, I ordered a 4x6 inch Israeli flag to support Israel in their fight against extremism. Right now, Israel and Pakistan are probably America's two biggest allies in the war on terrorism. In times like these, its just as important to support our allies as it is to support our own country.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's there to say about Congressman Ron Paul?

Last month, a left-wing organizational known as launched a vicious assault ad against an American commander, reaching a new low-point in politics. Last week, a congressman went on an anti-American rant, accusing President Bush of getting amusement from the casualties of the Iraq War. These loons might be on the liberal side, but are there people on the right who share the same misguided beliefs? Let's take a look at congressman Ron Paul. I listened to the debate today and got to hear some of his rather "unique" opinions on what's going on in the world today. He has condemned the war in Iraq, and by his own admission claims that he would pull out faster than any of the democratic presidential candidates. He says that he's a republican, believe it or not, but this guy is an isolationist, one of those "God bless America and no place else" type of people. Ron Paul's crowd thinks that all we need to do is withdraw to our own borders and mind our own business and the world will be a better place. He blames America for 9/11 and screams about all sorts of conspiracies as to why we're in Iraq right now. In truth, although his ideology is different than that of groups like, at the end of the day, they really aren't much different. They all despise George Bush, they hate the War in Iraq, and they believe that America is the problem in the world.

The religious left

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Global Warming News!!!!

Alright, this one came off the AP wire a little while ago. I was going to write about it tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait. Apparently, some people are concerned in Vermont because the leaves on the trees are duller than they usually are, and they suspect that climate change is what's causing it. Here we go again. Now this is going to be all over the news, there's going to be reporters bringing their cameras into the forests of New England to see the devastating affects of a "planet in peril". People are acutally going to suggest that by eating less meat, turning off our lights, and driving hybrid cars we can change the leaves back to normal. I should also mention that my sources in New England, where I used to live by the way, tell me that everything is pretty much normal, as far as the trees go. Sometimes there are anomalies in the weather. It happens, and it can happen without being caused by "climate change". There are some other weird things going on with the weather, too, some which contradict the idea of a rapidly warming planet. For one thing, they're forcasting snow in Denver. Last year, we were freezing here in northern California when record cold hit. Palm trees, oranges, and other tropical plants were destroyed, while swimming pools were frozen solid. Upstate New York was buried in a record setting twelve feet of snow. Snow even fell in Orlando, FL for the first time in years. My point is, and I've said this many times now, weird weather events happen. They have happened for centuries. This goes for warm weather, too. Last Year, New England had a freakishly warm winter. Right now, Atlanta is being hit by its worst drought in years. Yes, its abnormal. But it doesn't mean its "climate change". The idea that people think that they can stop things like this from happening by driving hybrid cars and turning off their lights is laughable, yet its gotten out of control. The city of San Francisco is actually turning out its lights tonight to try and brainwash people into thinking they have the power to change the earth's temperature. If you live there and actually think highly of this stupid stunt, ask yourself if you really believe this can do anything. Do you really believe that by driving a prius and changing your light bulbs, the trees will change colors earlier and temperatures will decrease? I'm all for a cleaner planet and less oil consumption, I just wish I could hear about it with all the global warming propaganda. "Climate change" is nothing but a political point of view designed to gain power (ie. Al Gore). I'm sick of people panicking over it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Terror in Pakistan as suicide bombers attack rally

Suicide bomb explosions ripped through the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, killing over 138 people and wounding hundreds more., the deadliest attack in Pakistan's history. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who had just returned from an 8-year exile, was riding in a motorcade and was the inended target. She survived the assasination attempt, but scores of others weren't so lucky. In the coming hours and days, a lot of blame will be going around for this. Some people will accuse President Musharraf of failing to provide security, others will blame Bhutto for taking a pro-American stance. However, the only people at fault are the fanatical "martyrdom seekers" who packed cars with explosives and strapped bombs to themselves. We need to rememember that these people are no different than the suicidal nutjobs blowing themselves up in Iraq. At the end of the day, its all the same, no matter where things like this happen. Whether its in the streets of New York, Baghdad, the remote mountains of the Afghan-Pakistan border, or the London subway systems, Islamic extremists don't seem to care. Before Bhutto arrived, the head of the Taliban in Pakistan proclaimed that suicide bombers would be waiting for her, and the government put tens of thousands of police officers on high alert. But because Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have embedded themselves into Pakistani society, its impossible to be 100% secure. Already this year, Pakistan has seen scores of bombings, and it seems like Al-Qaeda is redirecting its flow of terrorists to the region. Everyday, this is getting scarier. The United States is more divided than ever, we have people advocating withdrawal from Iraq, even though that means leaving thousands to die, Al-Qaeda has re-emerged in central asia, and together with the Taliban have carried out a record number of attacks in Afghanistan. They've even emerged throughout North Africa, Somalia, and Europe. And how are we combating this? We have senators calling the president a liar and accusing him of enjoying seeing soldiers killed. The news media is focused on Ellen Degeneres making her tearful plea about a dog, and the public is growing more ignorant. We are facing a global war on terror whether we like it or not, and its time to wake up.

Congressman screams out anti-American rant, accuses Bush of getting "amusement" from war casualties

Representative Pete Stark issued a despicable statement today about the Iraq War. Now I'm well aware that antiwar sentiment is rising in congress, but this has gone from being legitimate dissent to all out anti-Americanism. Unfortunately, this guy represents my state, the state of California, and I can't even describe how livid I am over this. After the dems failed to pass their childrens' healthcare bill, Stark slammed his fellow congressmen for continuing to fund the war. He screamed about how soldiers are being sent away to fight in a civil war to get their "heads blown off for the presidents amusement". He also accused our military of blowing up innocent people, as though that's the primary objective of our efforts in Iraq. I was listening to Rush this morning, and I got the chance to hear a soldier's perspective about these sick comments made by rep. Stark. He too, was disgusted, and I felt bad thinking that are leaders are actually putting our troops down in ways like this. I've listened to Harry Reid scream about how the war is lost, I've heard Dick Durbin compare our soldiers to Nazis, but this tops it all. Pete Stark should resign immediately. I'm ashmamed that this guy represents the state that I live in. He's actually suggesting that Bush is enjoying that 3,800 brave soldiers have died. I've had enough of stuff like this. We have people comparing Bush to Hitler, protestors disrupting 9/11 speeches, suggesting 9/11 was an inside job, accusing America of being in Iraq for oil, and now we have this jackass saying what he said. It makes me sick. Obviously, he has a right to say it, but as one of our leaders he has an obligation to do the right thing.
There is a lot of news going on in the world today, so much that I'm having a hard time trying to put it all in order and find out the details. A crackpot congressman went on a rant today, terror struck in pakistan, ellen degeneres continued her plea (people actually care, unfortunately), and there's more pressure on private security contractors in Iraq (More on this tomorrow).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can free speech cross the line?

Recently, a group of antiwar protestors stormed a gathering of students paying tribute to the victims of 9/11 in San Francisco. They arrived chanting anti-American slogans, denouncing the Iraq War,and stomping on an American flag...and this was all during the moment of silence. Last year, in Jena, Louisiana, a noose was hung from a tree at a high school, which led to the subsequent beating of a white student by a group of black students. In Oregon, a grotesque man runs around standing up for the rights of pedohiles and giving tips on where to locate young girls. What do all of these events have in common? Many people argue that they cross the line when it comes to free speech. But does the constitution really protect things like this? The first example, when protestors interrupted a gathering paying a tribute to the victims of 9/11 is definetely not protected free speech because it interferes with the rights of others. The students gathering had their rights interfered with, yet some people claim what the protetors did was protected by the constitution. The fact is, its not, and what those people did was despicable. First of all, paying tribute to 9/11 and the American flag have absolutely nothing to do with the Iraq War. People who are against the Iraq War should be the most disgusted by this because it makes them look like they don't respect this country. Everyone from all walks of life and politcal affiliations should be condemning this because it is absolutely a violation of free speech. As for what's happening in Jena, it could be argued whether the hanging of a noose is protected free speech or a hate crime. In my view, its a hate crime because it incites violence against African Americans and was a catalyst for racial fighting at the school. The people who hung it knew exactly what it would do. However, the assault of the white teenager was even more illegal. I really don't see any good guys in this situation and as far as I'm concerned, everyone should share punishment. Then there's the pedophile. What he does is just terrible. The government should ask itself this: if an Islamic extremist came into the United States and started photographing potential targets and sending information on how to carry out an attack to cells around the world, would he be arrested? You bet. Because this freak says things that are so harmful and has encouraged this kind of behavior, he should be arrested. Now I don't want to sound like someone who wants to limit free speech, because I'm anything but. There's a lot of people on the far left and the far right who want to silence each other, but that would be the worst thing we could do. If you feel strongly about something, then I strongly encourage you stand up or speak out against it. But if it harms the rights of others, it goes from being "free speech" to harmful rhetoric or actions.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Get your tickets

The genocidal madman Ali Hassan Al-Majid, better known as chemical Ali, is set to be hanged in the coming days after a breif delay because of the Ramadan Holiday. Hopefully the last thing he'll remember is the act of ethnic cleasning he committed against the innocent people of Kurdistan.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rwanda, Rwanda...

Hillary Clinton recently announced that if she is elected president, she will appoint her husband Bill to be America's roaming ambassador to the world. Bill's main duties would be to repair America's "tattered" image throughout his travels. The image she refers to is the usuall stuff. Things like "Bush alienated the world" and "He defied international law" and all that. Hillary frequented goes after the President over the War in Iraq and has called for a withdrawal of U.S. forces. With all of the hatred over George Bush in the world, it sounds like Hill's plan would be the perfect remedy to make the world "like" America again. But there's one place you can bet Bill won't be paying a visit to: Rwanda. In 1994, rebel militiamen rose up and carried out the most efficient killing spree in human history, the Rwandan genocide, a conflict between the country's Hutu ethnic majority and Tutsi ethnic minority. The genocide happened so quickly, killing over 800,000 people in just over three months, that comes out to over 8,000 people being killed everyday. Yet as the body count rose, the world sat back and did nothing. Sure, some peacekeeping contingents were sent in to try and referee the slaughter, but as the fighting reached ferocious levels they took off and ran, saving themselves instead of the innocent Rwandans being macheted in the streets. So what did the United States do? Absolutely nothing. What about the UN, the agency that we need to show respect do? Nothing. The sad reality is that the genocide never actually came to an end. Yes, rival fighters known as the RPF managed to drive the Interhamwe miliias out of Rwanda and into the Congo, but they never stopped killing. In fact, a war in the Congo between various ethnic groups is continuing to this day, with some people estimating 4 million deaths over a five year period. Hillary has chastised Bush for not doing enough to stop an Islamic insurgency from forming in Iraq, yet her husband did nothing to stop the Interahamwe militia from embedding itself into eastern congo, continuing its lust for blood in the dark, forgotten jungles. The Hutu-Tutsi conflict even spilled over into Burundi, Rwanda's southern neighbor, leaving hundreds of thousands more bodies in its wake. Yet the world did nothing to stop it, despite the echoing phrase "Never Again" from the last genocide. Even today, Hillary's party continues the same course of action with frequent calls for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, even though the innocent people of that country need our help to stop extremists from changing their way of life and murdering those who disagree with them. Even after so many tradgdies, from the Holocaust to Darfur, we still can't get it right. What is so hard about doing the right thing? Next year, when Americans cast their ballots to elect the next president, most people will be thinking about health care costs, deficits, and the economy. How many will be thinking about the cries for help from the people of Rwanda in 1994?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore gets his cake and eats it too!

Just as I predicted, Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the "Intergovernmental Panel on climate change". I think that there is a lot more going on here. With all this publicity, he's going to have the chance to move forward with his clandestine presidential ambitions many are suspecting. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but as Hillary and Barack battle it out in the polls and people get sick of listening to them, it looks like Al could jump into the race...just in time to save the planet.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Former Iranian President says Hitler "saved" Europe from the Jews, while Mahmoud claims he was misquoted at Columbia U

Well, there's some more disturbing news coming out of Iran. Today, the country's former president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, announced that Adolf Hitler "saved" Europe from the Jews. He even went so far as to say that the Jews were a "pain in the neck", were greedy, and causing problems. In short, this madman is saying that they got what they deserved. Its one thing to deny the Holocaust, like Mahmoud does on a regular basis, but to say what this guy said is just disgusting. I want to say that I hope the world community will step up and condemn this, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Anyway, Mahmoud is claiming that he was "misquoted" when he spoke at Columbia University. When he gave his speech, he claimed that there were no homosexuals in Iran like we have in the United States, only to have laughter erupt afterward. I've noticed that this is like a pattern. Everytime Mahmoud says something bad and people get upset, he claims he was mistranslated. Every time he calls for Israel to be wiped off the map, one of his advisors comes out and says the translation got screwed up. I'm predicting that in the next couple days, Rafsanjani will probably claim he was mistranslated too. There's no question that these people are anti-semetic and are not looking out for the best interests of the region, yet we have more negotitors going into Tehran to have a nice chat with Ajad and company. This situation is almost identical to what's going on in Sudan, in terms of trying to negotiate with bad people. No matter what we do, no matter how nice we try to be, evil dictators are going to be evil dictators, whether it be the Islamic theocracy ruling Iran, the regime of Al-Bashir in Khartoum, Hamas, or any other group or individual that uses fear and suppression as a means of holding on to power. It's time we start taking this stuff seriously.


Maybe little bro should get a job

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Kinds of Things a Big Bro Should Do For His Little Bro

Give him access to his debit card so he can order this shirt from Anwar ( )and get some stickers from him

Buy him meals from Macdonalds, In 'n Out, BK, and KFC without saying, "do you have money?"

When he has a job, buy or contribute to the purchase of a shirt

Drive him places


Why we need to fight terrorism...

"The Only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

-Edmund Burke


These border patrol agents, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, have been imprisoned for doing their job. United World now joins the growing movement calling for them to be freed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Al Gore gets ready to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize as unprecendented snowfall slams western mountains and Antarctica's ice thickens

So I was watching the news this morning and they had a reporter in Greenland preaching a sermon about Global Warming (remember its a religion). He went on about the usual stuff...rapid ice melting, polar bears drowning, sea levels rising, and so on. Now, all this comes just a few days after a new report revealed that abnormal wind patterns, not global warming, were responsible for the breakup of the Arctic ice. The media, obviously, has done its best to downplay this by not picking up on it. All we've been hearing about these last couple of years is a relentless barrage about "bleak reports on climate change" and "soaring temperatures". People have reached hysterical levels panicking about this, and Al Gore and his entourage have called for Americans to change their lifestyles to stop greenhouse gases, saying that we need to ride bicycles, get SUVS off the road, and turn off all our lights or else we're all going to burn. This sounds exactly like what a televangelist would say. Could you imagine the outrage if a right wing minister released a movie demanding all of America must convert to stop the apocolypse from happening? How is this any different? They want us to believe that the science proves global warming is happening when the science seems to be proving itself wrong, just as it has done before. Anyway, another NASA report has shown that the Antarctic ice sheet has actually grown. Again, this is something you're not going to hear about in the news because this fanatical movement is a way of life over there. It's frightening, and I'm worried that the government could end up spending untold sums of money to stop something we have absolutely no control over. Meanwhile, out here in California, unprecedented snowfall has hit Lake Tahoe and temperatures have plummeted. It's rare to be getting accumulating snow this early, let only over half a foot. In addition, this years Hurricane season has been another flop. The global warming activists are still waiting for the next Katrina to ravage the Gulf Coast, but it doesn't look like its going to happen this year. As all these reports come up, Al Gore is getting ready to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize. What any of this has to do with peace, I don't know. All I can say is that a fifty years from now, when we're all still here (polar bears included), we'll wonder what the hell we were thinking.

Glenn Beck tells the truth about what is really going on in Iraq

The Today Show would find these images too disturbing to broadcast. Good job Glenn!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Reaching out

The United States and Iran and heading closer and closer to armed confrontation everyday. As the Iranians continue to spin their nuclear centrefuges and the elite Revolutionary Guards arm Shiite militiamen in Iraq, the US has failed to reach out to the Iranian people. Because of this, I have written a letter to the students of the University of Tehran. I hope that by doing so, I can do my part to help them unerstand that the United States is looking out for their best interests. Below is some of the text of the letter:

Dear Students of Iran,

I suppose the best way to begin would be for me to introduce myself. My name is Corey Hunt; I am an American citizen writing to you from the State of California. Last June, I graduated from high school and will be studying journalism at a local college. Ever since 9/11, I have had a fascination with foreign affairs. I have always wanted to know more about other countries, their culture, and their people.

I have been looking for a way to address the Iranian people for a while now, and have even thought about writing a letter to your president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, I feel that I can most relate to you, the young people of the Islamic Republic. As tensions grow between our two countries, my government has not done enough to reach out to the people of your country and gain an understanding of who you are. Because of this, I have taken it upon myself to do so and would like to extend an offer of friendship to you.

The world seems to be getting more dangerous everyday. Violence is raging across Afghanistan and Pakistan, Sunni and Shiite Muslims have ferociously turned on each other in Iraq, killings continue in Sudan and Somalia. On top of all this, relations between the United States and Iran seem to be getting worse everyday. We frequently accuse each other of doing harm to the people of Iraq, my government accuses your government of trying to build nuclear weapons, and your government accuses mine of being in the region for greed and power. Over here, the media often portrays Iran as the bad guy, as though it is nothing but some far off region trying to do harm to the United States. In spite of all this, I still hear that Iranians are very nice. I don’t know how the United States is viewed over in Iran, but if we are portrayed in a negative light, I hope you know that most Americans are good people.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What can my country do for me?

These days, your probably not going to see an Army recruiter come onto a high school campus and tell prospective applicants that if they join, they could get sent over to Iraq or Afghanistan and take center stage in the War on terrorism. And why would they? Surveys show that many high school and college students have embraced the antiwar, anti-Bush movement. The Army has been facing an uphill battle trying to keep its recruiting numbers up, and many people in the United States have completely lost focus over what patriotism is all about. So how has the government reacted to this? If you walk into a military recruiting office and read some of the glossy brochures they have displayed, almost all of them ramble on about job skills, benefits, and money for college. "How can I serve my country" has become "What can my country do for me?" This makes the military look bad, and makes them a frequent target for the some of the despicable fanatics who try to claim that our soldiers are nothing more than an assortment of dopey, trailer-trash hicks, inner-city thugs, and members of low income families who had "no choice" but to send their son or daughter into the Army to pursue an education. While some people do believe this, the reality is that the soldiers fighting in Iraq are just as, if not more educated, than the average college student. We should give the benefit of the doubt to the men and women who have seen firsthand what's happening on the ground in Iraq, as opposed to college students who parrot what their favorite celebrities and professors tell them. Soldiers in Iraq have overwhelmingly re-enlisted to go back in, while polls show that they continue to believe we are doing the right thing in Iraq. Yet, the Army is still having a very hard time finding applicants, and at times has sought out the type of lower class individuals listed above. Unfortunately, the Army is caught within a vicious politcal power struggle that has divided up the country in ways unprecedented since Vietnam. Let's face it, we're not the same country we were after 9/11, when entire streets had flags hanging over doorsteps and Americans threw their support behind their country as we routed the Taliban from the Hindu Kush Mountains. Now public opinion has turned on the President, the Bush lied people died crowd has gained significant power and is trying to flex it over the democratic-controlled Congress. We have politicians removing their flag pins to protest the War in Iraq. Hollywood is creating movies like "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Syriana" that portray the US government as the bad guys. Bruce Springsteen, who once released an influential album about the 9/11 attacks, is devoting entire concerts to bashing American foreign policy. News programs with their own politcal agendas launch nightly hit-pieces on the progress in the Iraq and reporting false information. The vast majority of the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now are doing so for patriotic reasons, but that could very well change in the coming months and years. It's important for young Americans who could be potential applicants to know the stories of the bravery and patriotism of the soldiers they could join up with instead of just the endless barrage of negative stories spewed out by groups like Green Day. The military should not be seen as or made into an easy way for an uneducated high-school dropout with a record to get a job, or a simple way to pay for college, because the military is much more than that. Look carefully at the WWII recruitment picture at the top of the page. At the time, the only reason soldiers were enlisting was to serve their country and take a stand against the horrific events taking place at home and abroad. Well, that generation literally saved the world and won that war, and recieved steadfast support from home. Today, we are heading down the same road we took in Vietnam, and face grave consequences if we don't do the right thing. Now is the time to put aside all of our politcal differences, even if you hate the war and the President, because everybody loses if we don't succeed.

The battle continues...

To update my earlier post, a fierce battle erupted today in NW Pakistan when taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters opened fire on Pakistani soldiers. The clash lasted for hours and resulted in the deaths of more than seventy people, fifty terrorists and twenty soldiers. So far, this is going largely unreported, even though this is a major step forward in the War on terrorism. However, the news networks had plenty of space to report on Senator Larry Craig and a story about a couple getting married in a Wal-Mart.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

President Musharraf wins re-election

Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraff won a second term today, crushing his closest rivals in the preliminary poll results. Why does this matter? Well, General Musharraf is probably the biggest supporter of the War on Terrorism in a region under siege from Islamic militants. Over the past year, he has tried to reign in Al-Qaeda militants hiding out in Pakistan's remote mountains, while nearly losing his life in the process. In 2003, a bomb exploded underneath a bridge his convoy had crossed over moments earlier, and eleven days later, two suicide car bombers tried again to assasinate him, but instead hit a crowd of civilians. While President Bush has repeatedly praised Musharraf for his steadfast support for the War on Terrorism, others here in the U.S. have been less grateful. Just recently, Senator Barack Obama called for military action inside Pakistan because the Pakistani government "wasn't doing enough" to fight terrorism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the last six years, Pakistan has caputured hundreds of top Al-Qaeda leaders, many of whom are now in the custody of the United States. Thousands of Pakistani soldiers have laid down their lives fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists in their own country, something many in the U.S. don't understand. In addition, terrorists routinely carry out attacks in Pakistani cities, against both military and civilian targets. It's estimated that some 350 people have been killed in bombings across Pakistan this year alone. Still, we have people like Obama who want more, calling for more sacrifice, labeling Musharraf a dictator, and showing extreme ignorance. Since 9/11, the United States has remained secure. Americans can go about their lives in peace even while our soldiers are dying overseas. We can go shopping without having to worry about a bomb exploding, like so many innocent people in Pakistan have had to cope with. We don't have to fight our own people in our own country, like Pakistan's soldiers are doing everyday. It's time we show some appreciation and stand behind Pakistan, like they have done for us. Hopefully, Musharraf can serve his new term without having to deal with threats and calls for invasion from misguided Presidential hopefuls and he can help us attain victory in a war that needs to be won.

Friday, October 5, 2007

U.S. Soldiers launch raid on Iranian-backed Shiite militia cell

American soldiers raided a town north of Baghdad today and killed 25 Shiite militia fighters who were supposedly involved in weapons smuggling from Iran. The group was believed to be a splinter cell of the Jaish Al-Mahdi (Mahdi Army), led by Muqtada Al-Sadr. Evidence provided by U.S. and British intelligence shows that many of these breakaway fighters are being trained in camps outside of the Iranian capitol, Tehran.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wanted: For War Crimes

General Omar Al-Bashir, dictator of Sudan
400,000+ dead
For What?
Take action now!
Stop this Genocide

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Global Warming News!

Okay, you're going to have to bear with me on this one, I just got it off Apparently, "scientists" have devised a new theory called the volcanic dust proposal. Basically, what it does is "mimic the cooling effects of a volcanic eruption". The plan is pump millions of tons of sulfates into the stratosphere, which supposedly can reduce solar radiation. However, one problem the scientists are saying is that if we did this, it could dry out parts of the Middle East and North Africa. This is even more ridiculous than the idea that human beings are warming the planet in the first place, to suggest that we can put together a sulfate blanket and dry out entire regions. People do not have that much power, no matter what you here, and if we do something like this, it isn't going to make a damn difference in any way, just like the other proposal I wrote about this week, which involved dumping millions of tons into the ocean to absorb greenhouse gases. The earth is just to vast in size to be affected by ships or planes going out and dumping sulfate and iron. Millions of dollars are being wasted to concoct proposals like this when we could be using it to provide clean water to people in poor countries, fight diseases, and give our soldiers the funding they need on the battlefield. Once again, this whole human caused global warming controversy is just like a religion. I should have added it to my list of major religions I posted earlier.

My god, your god, under god, Charles Darwin, evolution, and why we need to just get along

There are five major religions in the world today: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Budhism, plus countless other smaller ones, all of which preach some very different ideologies. They can't all be right, and that is why I am not an advocate of any particular organized religion. I consider myself spiritual, meaning I look at the world around me and believe that there is a lot more to it than just what we see in front of us. Basically, at the core, all the religions basically believe that too. I once read a good book about religion when I was in High School. It explored all the differences about the major religions, but at the end described them as being "different paths leading up the same mountain". That's what religion should be all about, unfortunately, all we seem to do is argue, attack, and even kill just to defend our religious beliefs. Atheists and antitheists aren't innocent either. Sure, you could point to the Crusades and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and say that religion is bad, but what about Mao Zedong, the Communist leader of China? He wanted to eradicate religion and sanctioned the deaths of tens of millions of people. The same goes for Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, the biggest mass murderers in history. Then there's the evolution argument. Today we have schools, scientists, politicians, and religious leaders arguing over what we should be teaching in our schools. The whole thing is a mess, really, and the easy thing is to say we should agree to disagree. Unforunately, everyone wants to believe that either their god or their anti-god belief is the only correct one, and don't want to explore other possibilities. The key here is acceptance. I can use myelf as an example. As I said earlier, I consider myself to be spiritual and I believe that the world was created for a reason. I read about all the different religions regularly and believe they all make good points. I've been to Church several times and find it to be a moving experience. Do I believe evolution happened? Yes, but am I absolutely sure? No. With all those things I believe, many religious groups would be shocked. But by learning more about all the theories and possibilities to why we're here, maybe we can help to understand it better. However, we're stilll pretty far from that. With so many hateful movements out there, both religious and atheist, we still have a lot of work to do. Just last week, a group of students in Colorado walked out of school to protest the pledge of allegiance. Apparently, they joined up with the growing movement to remove the words "Under God" from the Pledge. They even went so far as to create their own lyrics, scrapping many of the orignal words and replacing them with things like diversity, equality, and constitutional rights. One student said that the Pledge is "almost religious oppression". Religious oppression? That is just stupid. If you want to see religious oppression, go to southern Sudan and protest the persecution of Christians. In Israel, Islamic Jihadists have carried out hundreds of attacks against the state's Jewish citiznes, simply because they see them as "infidels". Here in the US, we give more religious freedom to our citizens than anywhere else in the world. This movement to remove "Under God" from the pledge is like calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree, its just idiotic. Just the same, we have religious groups calling for boycotts of movies and products that mention things they disagree with, when there are much, much more important things we should be worrying about right now.