Thursday, October 18, 2007

Terror in Pakistan as suicide bombers attack rally

Suicide bomb explosions ripped through the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, killing over 138 people and wounding hundreds more., the deadliest attack in Pakistan's history. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who had just returned from an 8-year exile, was riding in a motorcade and was the inended target. She survived the assasination attempt, but scores of others weren't so lucky. In the coming hours and days, a lot of blame will be going around for this. Some people will accuse President Musharraf of failing to provide security, others will blame Bhutto for taking a pro-American stance. However, the only people at fault are the fanatical "martyrdom seekers" who packed cars with explosives and strapped bombs to themselves. We need to rememember that these people are no different than the suicidal nutjobs blowing themselves up in Iraq. At the end of the day, its all the same, no matter where things like this happen. Whether its in the streets of New York, Baghdad, the remote mountains of the Afghan-Pakistan border, or the London subway systems, Islamic extremists don't seem to care. Before Bhutto arrived, the head of the Taliban in Pakistan proclaimed that suicide bombers would be waiting for her, and the government put tens of thousands of police officers on high alert. But because Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have embedded themselves into Pakistani society, its impossible to be 100% secure. Already this year, Pakistan has seen scores of bombings, and it seems like Al-Qaeda is redirecting its flow of terrorists to the region. Everyday, this is getting scarier. The United States is more divided than ever, we have people advocating withdrawal from Iraq, even though that means leaving thousands to die, Al-Qaeda has re-emerged in central asia, and together with the Taliban have carried out a record number of attacks in Afghanistan. They've even emerged throughout North Africa, Somalia, and Europe. And how are we combating this? We have senators calling the president a liar and accusing him of enjoying seeing soldiers killed. The news media is focused on Ellen Degeneres making her tearful plea about a dog, and the public is growing more ignorant. We are facing a global war on terror whether we like it or not, and its time to wake up.

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