Saturday, October 20, 2007

Global Warming News!!!!

Alright, this one came off the AP wire a little while ago. I was going to write about it tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait. Apparently, some people are concerned in Vermont because the leaves on the trees are duller than they usually are, and they suspect that climate change is what's causing it. Here we go again. Now this is going to be all over the news, there's going to be reporters bringing their cameras into the forests of New England to see the devastating affects of a "planet in peril". People are acutally going to suggest that by eating less meat, turning off our lights, and driving hybrid cars we can change the leaves back to normal. I should also mention that my sources in New England, where I used to live by the way, tell me that everything is pretty much normal, as far as the trees go. Sometimes there are anomalies in the weather. It happens, and it can happen without being caused by "climate change". There are some other weird things going on with the weather, too, some which contradict the idea of a rapidly warming planet. For one thing, they're forcasting snow in Denver. Last year, we were freezing here in northern California when record cold hit. Palm trees, oranges, and other tropical plants were destroyed, while swimming pools were frozen solid. Upstate New York was buried in a record setting twelve feet of snow. Snow even fell in Orlando, FL for the first time in years. My point is, and I've said this many times now, weird weather events happen. They have happened for centuries. This goes for warm weather, too. Last Year, New England had a freakishly warm winter. Right now, Atlanta is being hit by its worst drought in years. Yes, its abnormal. But it doesn't mean its "climate change". The idea that people think that they can stop things like this from happening by driving hybrid cars and turning off their lights is laughable, yet its gotten out of control. The city of San Francisco is actually turning out its lights tonight to try and brainwash people into thinking they have the power to change the earth's temperature. If you live there and actually think highly of this stupid stunt, ask yourself if you really believe this can do anything. Do you really believe that by driving a prius and changing your light bulbs, the trees will change colors earlier and temperatures will decrease? I'm all for a cleaner planet and less oil consumption, I just wish I could hear about it with all the global warming propaganda. "Climate change" is nothing but a political point of view designed to gain power (ie. Al Gore). I'm sick of people panicking over it.

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