Monday, October 1, 2007

When angry democrats attack

After reading this story I'm about to talk about, I am just livid right now, so your going to have to forgive me if I write poorly. Earlier today, the democrats ferociously attacked radio show host Rush Limbaugh for making a comment about soldiers who are antiwar. They are saying things like "he never served in the military, he has no right to question them" and are calling for an immediate apology. Now I didn't get the chance to hear Rush's show today, but if he really did say that, its wrong. I won't believe it until I hear the whole story, but if he really did say something like that, he should apologize. However, after what these democrats have done, they are the last people who should be criticizing ANYONE about supporting the soldiers. Harry Reid (the senate majority leader, for you uninformed people) has repeatedly called the war a "lost cause", while others such as John Kerry, accuse our soldiers of "terrorizing" civilians. Others have accused them of murder, compared them to Nazis, and failed to stand beside their leader, General Petraeus, when a left wing group attacked him with an ad campaign. Now they are questioning what Rush has said? I think they are just upset because Rush has been right all along about the war. He has defended the mission from the very beginning, and now things are getting better in Iraq. The democrats are probably devastated by a report that just came out saying the violence in Iraq has been cut in half, and monthly U.S. troop deaths are at their lowest level in well over a year. They have been running their campaigns on the "Bush lied people died so get the hell out" platform, and if we succeed in Iraq, all that goes away. These people have been trying to cut off funding for the war, and don't seem bothered by the predictions many are making about what could happen if we leave Iraq before the Iraqis are ready to take control. Rush is one of the people who repeatedly reminds us of this, and I'm proud to be one of his listeners. He sees the bigger picture and not only does he care about the soldiers, but he's worried about what could happen to the Iraqi people if we do something stupid, like cut off funding and run away, or "Genocide Advocacy" as I call it, because thats what will happen if we just give up. Trust me, I wish it was different. I wish we could bring all the soldiers home and a lasting peace would flourish, but it's not that easy. Also, I'm sick of hearing about how you either have to be in uniform or have served in the military to have a strong opinion about the war. I love our military to death, and will defend it till the very end, but just because you serve, doesn't mean you know everything. Not everyone in the military is honest, and some do bad things. I recently had an Air Force recruiter come to my house and unravel a bunch of yarn about how I could get into journalism if I enlisted, and could get a really good deal if I enlisted ASAP. Only later did I find out that he planned to stick me with a job I wanted nothing to do with. The point is, I only care about right and wrong. If Rush Limbaugh does something wrong, I'll speak out against it. If Harry Reid, John Kerry, and the democrats say something terrible, I'll condemn it, and if the military does something wrong I'll condemn it just the same. I really hope that everyone comes to their senses here. Unfortunately, the politcal battle over Iraq and the innocent people caught in the middle seems like its just beginning.

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