Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Enviromentalists use wildfires to fill the void left by another weak hurricane season

For the second year in a row, the Atlantic Hurricane season failed to live up to the predictions so many agenda-driven scientists had made. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, enviromentalists were screaming about how global warming was heating up the world's oceans and would bring with it an age of "superstorms"...and it would all be our fault unless we changed our ways. But, over the last two years, not one real hurricane has hit the United States (the exception being an 80 mph wind storm that brushed the Gulf Coast earlier this year...that got their hopes up). These past couple of hurricane seasons have been a joke and prove that the "science" behind global warming is inconclusive and unreliable. So, since they don't have hurricanes right now, what do the enviromentalists do now? They politicize the wildfires tearing through southern california. Now this is scary stuff, what's happening down south. Up here in Northern California, I'm a good ways away, but the thought of fifty-foot flames engulfing houses is more than a little unnerving. But while Californians try to rebuild their lives and stop these fires from inflicting any more sufferering, we have politicians politicizing this thing. Yesterday, Harry Reid, the moron who got owned by Rush Limbaugh last week, blamed the fires on global warming. Other politicians, like Barbara Boxer (Who unfortunaly represents my state and I am proud to say I DID NOT vote for) are trying to make this into another Katrina by blaming George Bush and the War in Iraq. The left says that all our equipment is in Iraq even though Califonia has over 17,000 National Guardsmen on standby. The firefighters are doing a heroic job, but just like Katrina, this is an unprecedented disaster and they can only do so much. It makes me sick hearing this stuff. All of this crap about the military being stretched thin is greatly exaggerated. I hope my fellow californians will condemn what Barbara Boxer said by speaking out in the next election. The same goes for Harry Reid and the people of Nevada (Reid's approval rating has plummeted over the last few months, and unlike George Bush, he's up for re-election next year. This Congress is effectively useless, or so I've concluded. They've been trying to bring about failure in Iraq, borught up useless bills condemning a genocide that happened 100 years ago while genocide rages in Africa, and now they're spewing out the same rhetoric they used with New Orleans. Enough already. We should all be working together to stop these fires and rebuild lives and houses. This is an act of nature, it didn't happen because of George Bush or the War in Iraq, and we wouldn't have been able to prevent it from happening if we had all just listened to Al Gore when he first "warned" us about global warming. Natural distaters have been happening for millions of years and they will continue to. The only thing we can change is the way we deal with them, and that starts with leaving politics in Washington.

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