Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Rush Limbaugh is completely innocent of any wrongdoing, according to the research I have done. The so called "comment" he made had nothing to do with active duty soldiers who have dissenting views of the Iraq war, but instead were referring to a man who served in the military for a few weeks before being kicked out (that means he hadn't even completed basic training). This however, did not stop this guy from claiming he had served in Iraq and witnessed "war crimes" committed by fellow soldiers. This is absolutely despicable and I'm disgusted that some politicians are acting like these ridiculous claims are credible. Just as I thought, Rush would never say anything bad about our soldiers (real soldiers). As far as Harry Reid and the other senators who criticized Rush, they should be apologizing to him. They look for antiwar soldiers because it helps their cause, and the fact that this guy they scrounged up was lying could very well be called an inconvenient truth, for the democrats anyway.

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