Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Al Gore gets ready to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize as unprecendented snowfall slams western mountains and Antarctica's ice thickens

So I was watching the news this morning and they had a reporter in Greenland preaching a sermon about Global Warming (remember its a religion). He went on about the usual stuff...rapid ice melting, polar bears drowning, sea levels rising, and so on. Now, all this comes just a few days after a new report revealed that abnormal wind patterns, not global warming, were responsible for the breakup of the Arctic ice. The media, obviously, has done its best to downplay this by not picking up on it. All we've been hearing about these last couple of years is a relentless barrage about "bleak reports on climate change" and "soaring temperatures". People have reached hysterical levels panicking about this, and Al Gore and his entourage have called for Americans to change their lifestyles to stop greenhouse gases, saying that we need to ride bicycles, get SUVS off the road, and turn off all our lights or else we're all going to burn. This sounds exactly like what a televangelist would say. Could you imagine the outrage if a right wing minister released a movie demanding all of America must convert to stop the apocolypse from happening? How is this any different? They want us to believe that the science proves global warming is happening when the science seems to be proving itself wrong, just as it has done before. Anyway, another NASA report has shown that the Antarctic ice sheet has actually grown. Again, this is something you're not going to hear about in the news because this fanatical movement is a way of life over there. It's frightening, and I'm worried that the government could end up spending untold sums of money to stop something we have absolutely no control over. Meanwhile, out here in California, unprecedented snowfall has hit Lake Tahoe and temperatures have plummeted. It's rare to be getting accumulating snow this early, let only over half a foot. In addition, this years Hurricane season has been another flop. The global warming activists are still waiting for the next Katrina to ravage the Gulf Coast, but it doesn't look like its going to happen this year. As all these reports come up, Al Gore is getting ready to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize. What any of this has to do with peace, I don't know. All I can say is that a fifty years from now, when we're all still here (polar bears included), we'll wonder what the hell we were thinking.

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