Thursday, October 18, 2007

Congressman screams out anti-American rant, accuses Bush of getting "amusement" from war casualties

Representative Pete Stark issued a despicable statement today about the Iraq War. Now I'm well aware that antiwar sentiment is rising in congress, but this has gone from being legitimate dissent to all out anti-Americanism. Unfortunately, this guy represents my state, the state of California, and I can't even describe how livid I am over this. After the dems failed to pass their childrens' healthcare bill, Stark slammed his fellow congressmen for continuing to fund the war. He screamed about how soldiers are being sent away to fight in a civil war to get their "heads blown off for the presidents amusement". He also accused our military of blowing up innocent people, as though that's the primary objective of our efforts in Iraq. I was listening to Rush this morning, and I got the chance to hear a soldier's perspective about these sick comments made by rep. Stark. He too, was disgusted, and I felt bad thinking that are leaders are actually putting our troops down in ways like this. I've listened to Harry Reid scream about how the war is lost, I've heard Dick Durbin compare our soldiers to Nazis, but this tops it all. Pete Stark should resign immediately. I'm ashmamed that this guy represents the state that I live in. He's actually suggesting that Bush is enjoying that 3,800 brave soldiers have died. I've had enough of stuff like this. We have people comparing Bush to Hitler, protestors disrupting 9/11 speeches, suggesting 9/11 was an inside job, accusing America of being in Iraq for oil, and now we have this jackass saying what he said. It makes me sick. Obviously, he has a right to say it, but as one of our leaders he has an obligation to do the right thing.

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