Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hollywood's assault on America and the unintended consequences

These past few months, Hollywood has released a barrage of antiwar films, doing everything possible to undermine the Bush administration and American foreign policy. Movies like "Rendition" and "The Bourne Supremacy" paint the government as the bad guys, while others attack our soldiers fighting in Iraq. Brian De Palma, a far-left film producer, has put together "redacted", a movie that exploits the negatives happening in Iraq, like civilians who have been killed in the crossfire and been victims of a vast minority of soldiers who are criminals. Well, Mr. De Palma, are you putting together this garbage because you care about the people of Iraq or because you despise George W. Bush so much that you're willing to make our soldiers look like a bunch of rapist murderers? If he cares for the people of Iraq, why doesn't he make a movie about what could happen if we pull out of that country? But that will never happen, because his movie doesn't care about the Iraqis at all. He's exploting the deaths of innocent people to advance his anti-American agenda. The worst thing about this terrible film is that Muslims around the world might see it and be inspired to attack Americans or sympathize with Al-Qaeda. Some responsible people in the media, like Bill O'Reilly, have made this point several times and questioned why this movie is being released. Now the good thing is, movies like this probably won't get that big of an audience. It might end up being shown in an Islamic Jihad training camp, but most Americans will probably be turned off by this. "Rendition" failed to make the top five at the weekend Box office, as opposed to "The Kingdom", a more pro-American movie that ranked second its first weeekend. But there are other antiwar films that will attract larger audiences, like Robert Redford's "Lions for Lambs", a movie starring Tom Cruise. But then again, "rendition" had an all-star cast and it failed. The American people might be realizing that even though they hear it on the news everyday, America is not the villain. As things turn around in Iraq and the left does everything it can to ensure failure, Americans are getting to see what a bunch buffoons these people really are. The media and Hollywood are trying to mask it by repeating the same anti-Bush rants, but the facts speak for themselves. One of these facts is that George Bush is not evil and his administration is not responsible for the deaths of millions like the extreme antiwar movement claims. The Iraq War is not illegal and yes, there is still hope for democracy there. But what about the bigger dangers other than the advancement of politics and assault on our soldiers? Like I said, movies like the above put America in the spotlight as the bad guy. When people around the world see this stuff, it could turn ruin their image of the United States. Muslims who have favorable views of America could see "redacted" and join the extremist cause. These films also help divide America and make people distrust their leaders. We are more divided than ever and this definetely isn't helping. Hopefully intelligent Americans will boycott these films and help expose them for the proganda they are.

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