Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's there to say about Congressman Ron Paul?

Last month, a left-wing organizational known as launched a vicious assault ad against an American commander, reaching a new low-point in politics. Last week, a congressman went on an anti-American rant, accusing President Bush of getting amusement from the casualties of the Iraq War. These loons might be on the liberal side, but are there people on the right who share the same misguided beliefs? Let's take a look at congressman Ron Paul. I listened to the debate today and got to hear some of his rather "unique" opinions on what's going on in the world today. He has condemned the war in Iraq, and by his own admission claims that he would pull out faster than any of the democratic presidential candidates. He says that he's a republican, believe it or not, but this guy is an isolationist, one of those "God bless America and no place else" type of people. Ron Paul's crowd thinks that all we need to do is withdraw to our own borders and mind our own business and the world will be a better place. He blames America for 9/11 and screams about all sorts of conspiracies as to why we're in Iraq right now. In truth, although his ideology is different than that of groups like, at the end of the day, they really aren't much different. They all despise George Bush, they hate the War in Iraq, and they believe that America is the problem in the world.

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