Friday, January 4, 2008

Losing touch with reality?

Well, I was right. Barack Obama did win the Iowa caucus yesterday, and like I said I would, I congratulate him over his victory. However, there are some rather alarming results that have come up as well.

First of all, Iowa's conservatives decided to go with Mike Huckabee, a man who by his own admission claims to know nothing about foreign policy. The far-right is so wrapped up in its obsession over abortion and gay rights that they completely overlooked the two republican candidates who see the broader picture: Rudy Giuliani and John Mccain. Last week I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio show when a man called in and proclaimed that he would not be voting for anyone who was pro-choice or in favor of gay marriage. Seeing as Mike Huckabee is a step closer to taking the GOP nomination, it looks like that's where the lines are drawn: between right and left. No one out there seems to care about right and wrong.

While I was disappointed that Huckabee one last night, I was even more alarmed that Ron Paul was the winner of a Myspace primary conducted recently. I know, I know, it's just a stupid Internet poll, but that website has millions of users...I wouldn't be surprised if more people voted in the Myspace poll than in the Iowa caucus, where only about 100,000 people from farm country go out and vote. Paul also came in fifth place in Iowa...ahead of Rudy Giuliani and Duncan Hunter. The fact that this kook was able to take in more than 10% of the vote is rather frightening. Remember, this is a man who who wants to withdraw all troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and most of the world, believes isolationism and non-intervention are the answer to solving the problems facing the international community, and launches verbal tirades on Abraham Lincoln for going to war against the south and starting the Civil War. If the majority of myspace users and 10% of Iowa caucus goers actually believe in this nut's world views, we should be very afraid. Let's not forget that this guy has also managed to raise record fundraising in very little time, so obviously there are plenty of people who are just as nutty as he is if they are willing to give him money. 10% of the people who voted yesterday have indeed lost touch with reality.

The Democrats...

It was encouraging to see the majority of democratic voters choose someone who is honest and stands up for what he believes in, as opposed to a flip-flopping phony like Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. While I don't really agree with ANYTHING Barack Obama says on foreign policy, I do commend him for standing up for standing up for his beliefs. For example, Obama has been against the Iraq War from the beginning, while Clinton and Edwards have gone back and forth, making statements over the years that often contradict each other and their original position: which was to authorize the war and take military action against Saddam Hussein. Although they would like to rewrite history, the fact remains that both Edwards and Hillary were just as anxious to go into Iraq and get rid of Saddam as Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Despite that, Edwards just recently declared he would withdraw all troops from Iraq...including those who are helping to train the Iraqis. With all of the success we've had in Iraq, why John Edwards would want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with such an idiotic statement is beyond me.

Now that Iowa's over, its time to get ready for New Hampshire. United World has not made any predictions yet, but it would be good if Romney, Giuliani, or Mccain is able to beat Mike Huckabee and put and end to this extreme, far-right conservatism that is sweeping across the republican side and drowning out the voices of reason and unity. It also wouldn't be bad if Obama can manage a victory and put Clinton and Edwards out for good.

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