Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Algeria on high alert after fuel tankers go missing

A quick update on the ongoing situation in Algeria...this is pretty disturbing.

A report has surfaced out of the Algerian capital of Algiers that several fuel tanker trucks were stolen, increasing fears that Al-Qaeda in North Africa could be preparing more attacks of catostrophic proportions. Earlier today, the group claimed responsibility for a car bombing at a police station east of the capital that left four policemen dead.

Meanwhile, a man suspected of being the mastermind behind the April 11th attacks on the Prime Minister's office has been arrested by security forces.


Dan T. said...

I heard that iraq and algeria were sharing inteliigence about terror plots in both countries. Before last month's attacks in Algiers, the Iraqi government supposedly warned the Algerians about the truck bomb attacks. Maybe some of the terrorists from Iraq are coming over to Algieria and north africa now amidist this troop surge

C.H. said...

Yeah, that could be possible, but many of the insurgents in Iraq are are foreigners who come from other Middle Eastern countries, including Algeria, so it can go both ways. While war critics will say the Iraq invasion "increased" terrorism, the fact is Algeria has been battling its own insurgency long before American forces ever set foot in Iraq.

The way I see it, it looks like Al-Qaeda has taken the focus off of Iraq and is focusing more on North Africa and central Asia.