Monday, January 7, 2008

A change of pace...

Okay, so my saturday. Wake up at 10:30, its sunny. I though that was wierd because it was raining all night and was raining all day the day before. So me and Corey leave at like 11:30 and as we walk out the door it starts raining. Little did we know as we got into the car that we would almost die multiple times before we got to the mall. So we get to the mall and walk in through sears and do a general walk-around of the whole mall. Then we eat at Sbarro, something I haven't had in like a year. Afterwards I hit up mainland, got two stussy tees, one for half price because of tiny hole in the back. After that I went to Tilly's, which I hate and then Pac Sun just because. Upstairs now, I went to Zumiez, which I had no idea carried Diamond, so I got a tee there. Afterwards, we walkd around some more, got strawberry julius' from Orange Julius and eventually left. All in all, in was a fun day.

The thing about it is, the name of the mall is Sun Valley, and it certainly was not sunny and I really don't think its is a valley.

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