Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Middle East War?

Earlier today, two katyusha rockets fell on northern Israel, raising fears that "Islamic" militants in southern Lebanon are trying to spark a new war in the Middle East upon President Bush's arrival in the region. One rocket slammed into a house and the other hit a lamp post, but no injuries were reported. Shortly after the rocket attack, a UN peacekeeping patrol was hit by a roadside bomb south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Two soldiers from the Spanish contingent based in the country;s south received injuries. In response to the attacks, Israel has raised its alert level along its border with Lebanon. It's not clear who was behind the attacks, but suspects include Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite militant group that fought a war with Israel back in 2006, and the Al-Qaeda linked Fatah Al-Islam group that waged a bloody battle with Lebanon's army last year in the Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

United World Analysis:

It seems just a little too coincidental that this is happening a day after Iranian patrol boats engaged in a hostile confrontation with US warships in the Persian Gulf. It is very likely that Iran and Hezbollah would like to see the Middle East go up in flames just in time for President Bush's visit. What better way to make the USA look like a complete failure than to have a repeat of the Summer '06 war?

Although this seems unlikely, it's also possible that Sunni militant groups like Fatah Al-Islam are competing with Hezbollah for dominance in the region. Back in June, Al-Qaeda linked militants captured in southern Lebanon admitted to firing rockets into Israel in order to put blame on Hezbollah. Again though, it does not seem likely that Sunni and Shiite militant groups in Lebanon are allowing their hatred for each other to get in the way of their hatred for the Jewish state of Israel.

Israel has done the right thing by holding itself back. Today, the Israelis said they will not respond until the situation is carefully assessed and they figure out who was behind the rocket barrage. If the IDF had responded by launching an assault on Hezbollah or other militant positions in southern Lebanon, they could have done exactly what the terrorists want, which is to make Israel look like the bad guy.


Azadari said...

After the mess that occurred after the 2006 lebanon war, Hezbollah has no interest in starting another war with Israel. They would prefer to re-stock their rocket arsenal. The culprits behind this latest volley of katyushas is most definitely Al-Qaeda militants who have been trying to increase their presence in the region.

Groups like them has also emerged in the Gaza strip, like the one that captured that BBC journalist last year.

C.H. said...

I wouldn't say that Hezbollah has "no" interest in starting another war, seeing as their reason for existing is to destroy Israel and dominate Lebanon. I do agree that Al-Qaeda was most likely behind yesterday's attack though.

Also, you have to admit that its just a little stange that this happened a day after Iranian patrol boats engaged in a confrontation with US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf.

Anonymous said...

it all leads back to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Well, let me tell you this 'US Navy shit ship' are not suppose to be in that region at first place. So stop blaming Iran for your own shitty war.

Anonymous said...

C.H., your posts are always a little strange. What I see is a tendency to classify things as "black or white". Yes, it is anti-Semitic to blame Israel for all of the problems of the world. However, it is equally ridiculous to assume that Israel or any other country is immune from problems and should be exempt from criticism.

You call your website "unitedworldforpeace". You show no signs of looking for unity--you always take one side. Is a dictatorship supposed to be uniting your "one world"?

C.H. said...

Terrorists like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad are not looking for a peaceful world. Taking a stand against them is not the same as "taking one side".

Rosalia said...

Well written article.