Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Senseless Violence

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Six young people were shot Tuesday after they got off a school bus that left a high school, and one suffered critical injuries, the authorities said.
At least two people are suspected in the shooting in northeast Las Vegas, which occurred just before 2 p.m., Officer Bill Cassell said.
Gunshots rang out after the school bus left the area, Officer Cassell said, and six people were taken to University Medical Center.
An adult male was in critical condition, and a male under 18 was in serious condition, both with gunshots to the torso, said Cheryl Persinger, a medical center spokeswoman.
The four others had minor gunshot injuries to their arms and legs, Ms. Persinger said. One adult male and one male under 18 were treated and released, she said, and another male and female, both under 18, were in good condition and were expected to be released Tuesday night.

Courtesy: New York Times (http://nytimes.com)

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Omnitheist said...

It seems this year has been an unusally violent year here in America in regards to shootings and other violence. Just look at Virginia Tech, that crazy in Omaha, and that other crazy in colorado who attacked those churches. Yep, the world is definetely becoming more dangerous everyday, its really a shame.