Saturday, December 29, 2007

Independent analysis

I have put together an op-ed I will be submitting to one of my local newspapers. Basically, I offer my analysis on the situation in Pakistan that has boiled over these last couple of days. During that time, I have focused pretty much all of United World's resources on looking into just what is happening over there. Here's my basic conclusion:

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was carried out by one or more terrorists groups from a larger coalition of Jihadists, both foreign and homegrown, aligned with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Many of the attacks that have happened this year in Pakistan have gone without a claim of responsibility, probably because the extremist elements seek to create as much chaos as possible between the government of President Musharraf and the opposition party. Recent attacks, including the one I reported on at the mosque last week, seem very similar to the matter in which Benazir was killed. That attack happened to target one of Musharraf's ministers, which pretty much puts down the far-left conspiracy that the government is orchestrating such attacks.

Anyway, that's my analysis so far. Obviously, things could change any minute. Interestingly enough though, this news cross the wires only moments ago...

"ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Two suspected suicide bombers died Sunday when they prematurely detonated their bomb near the residence of a senior leader of the ruling party in eastern Pakistan, police said.

The men were on a motorcycle and were not far away from the residence of Ijazul Haq, a senior leader of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Q party, in the city of Bahawalnagar when their bomb exploded, said Zafar Abbas Bukhari, the district police chief.

The blast was the first suicide attack in Pakistan since the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto on Thursday. Her killing triggered nationwide riots and raised doubts on whether parliamentary elections on Jan. 8 can go ahead as planned."

mmmm...targeting the ruling party. That's a fancy media word for Musharraf's government. But wait a second...the far-left blogs told me that Musharraf is the real culprit behind the attacks. I'm beginning to think that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see what's going on here.

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