Monday, September 8, 2008

A stunning achievement

Barack Obama's supporters must be beaming with pride to receive an endorsement from this freak...MTV host Russell Brand. If this guy REALLY wanted to inflict some damage on President Bush's legacy, he should endorse everything the president has ever done, which would in turn force Bush's supporters to wallow in shame knowing that such a pathetic "retard" like Russel Brand is is actually supporting them.

Okay, maybe what I'm saying sounds immature. But seriously, is it any worse than the moronic statements he is making about Sarah Palin's daughter? I'm going to do Barack a favor and offer him some advice...whatever this weirdo does, please do the opposite. This is giving people yet another reason not to cast a vote for Barack addition to the fact that he is nothing but media and celebrity hype. It's strange, but when I watch the above video, I feel prouder than ever to support John McCain's bid for the White House.

My fear is the young Americans who watch garbage like this might be encouraged to vote for Obama...for the wrong reasons. The truth is, all of England should be wallowing in shame at the sight of this. By the way, here's my advice to Russell Brand...Bugger off!

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