Monday, September 22, 2008

Something we should all unite for

America is divided today...perhaps more so than ever. The event below is one issue America and the world should be able to unite together for, but apparently those further on the left (and the right, in some cases) were too afraid of being called a "neocon" to express their outrage over Iran's actions in the Mideast. But most importantly, if only the US would reach out to the Iranian community, and have some Iranian flags being waved by Iranian exiles longing for freedom, mingled in with this protest. I would like to stress very much that I do not believe Iran--a country that I love--is the enemy. Only the madmen in control of it who continue to threaten their neighbors, including Iraq and Israel, as well as their own people.

Thousands attend NYC anti-Iran rally

Efforts by the Jewish organizers of a New York City rally against Iran Monday to keep the event free of politics failed to stop protesters from voicing their avid support for the Republican presidential ticket of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Interspersed with Israeli flags and placards calling for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to "take your hate back to hell" were a fluttering of blue McCain-Palin campaign signs along with more strident handmade ones sticking out above the crowd, including one that read: "Prevent a nuclear Iranian Holocaust on Israel, vote McCaine-Palin [sic]."

The event, organized by Jewish groups including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the United Jewish Communities, the UJA-Federation New York and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, drew several thousand cheering students and activists from as far away as Baltimore and Detroit to protest the Iranian government and its nuclear program.

"These weapons will not only threaten Israel, they will threaten Riyadh, Paris, London and New York," Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik told the cheering crowd.

"The free world must not allow the threat of destruction like this without taking proper action to stop him. We have to stop him, to stop him, to stop him!" she exhorted.

"When I hear these threats I see the concentration camps, I see the horrors, I see the gas chambers," Itzik said. She described Ahmadinejad as "the man who has brought this nightmare back, the man who is responsible for bringing back the horrors of the past."


Azadari said...

You are certainly right to say the Iranian nation is not the enemy...most Iranians desire freedom just as much as their neighbors in Iraq and Afghanistan and they reject their government's meddling in both these countries. I fear that if the US decides to go in and bomb Iran alone, it will help muster support for the theocratic regime of Khamenei.

Please America, don't alienate the Iranian people. They are your friends...

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Kenya said...

The Iranian people are one of the patient and democratic people I know. Even after the Tunisia Egyptian revolution and I thought there will be one in Iran. I think we should shift attention to NGOs because some govts let us down like good things in life like climate change, to volunteer in in our communities

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