Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The realities of immigration

This is a documentary I found on youtube about illegal immigration. The question we should all be asking ourselves is why these immigrants want to flee their homeland in the first place, not simply "how do we get rid of them" as many conservative commentators and right-wing activists tend to say. The immigrants in this video seem like perfectly ordinary people who are truly looking for a better life and better place to live. At the same time, many people here in this country are probably wondering how conditions in Mexico can be so bad that millions of people are fleeing over the border.

Obviously, Mexicans are faced with a number of problems, from poverty to drug cartels terrorizing the population in the country's north. It may very well be that the solution to solving this problem will be the actions taken by the Mexican government to solve the drug trade issues and the fierce violence that claimed the lives of thousands of people last year alone, as opposed to any of the solutions being passed around in Congress or in any of the talking points given by Lou Dobbs or Pat Buchanan.

The extreme right (like those mentioned above) seem to think that building a wall across the border and sealing ourselves off will somehow solve this issue. Personally, I would like to see that wall torn down because it alienates this country from the Mexican community and basically sends the message that we do not want to associate with them. To make life better for people on both sides of the border we should be doing the exact opposite--the USA and Mexico should come up with a comprehensive plan to work together in helping the people of Mexico live better lives, instead of having to pack up and flee through scorching deserts and terrain run by drug cartels who have adopted Al-Qaeda inspired tactics.

One way or another, building a wall is not the answer, but developing a closer relationship and working together with those on the other side of the border just might be.


Average American said...

I agree with you about the fence, but for a different reason. I think we should start prosecuting the people who hire the illegal aliens. Maybe a little jail time would be enough incentive. If the jobs dried up, most would go home on their own. I'm tired of cheap labor driving MY WAGES down!

I'd rather pay $2.00 a pound for apples picked by Americans than 89 cents a pound for apples picked by illegals.

It just seems like we are losing ALL our jobs these days. The ones that are shipped out of the country and the rest that illegals come here to take. Whats left for us??

C.H. said...

With the immigration issue, I believe that a solution to the many problems in Mexico will stem the flow of immigrants. Just look at Canada...a country with an even longer border that is covered in forests.

But there's a reason Canadians aren't fleeing to America: they have no reason to be. Canada has a strong economy and good living conditions.

If there was less drug trade, corruption, and poverty in Mexico we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.