Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Please, not another one...

Last week, Hollywood released its latest propaganda film "Stop-Loss"...and just like the many others that have managed to get into the theatres, it is has tanked at the box office. We all remember movies like "Rendition", "Redacted", "Lions for Lambs", and "In the Valley of Elah"--all of which embraced the same anti-American message and subsequently failed miserably to make a decent profit.

If you read some of the reviews in newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle, the writers will try to make it seem as though these movies are failing with audiences because of "war fatigue", meaning that people generally agree with the message, but after hearing so much negative news coming in from Iraq, they want nothing to do with it, even watching an antiwar film.

However, I must say that sounds like BS to me. The reason these terrible movies are failing is because the vast majority of Americans who find themselves to the right of do not want to pay money, sit in a movie theatre, and hear about how terrible and evil the United States is, regardless of their political affiliation.

I prefer Red Eye Host Greg Gutfeld's analysis, which I must say sums it up pretty good.

Recently, I had the miserable experience of watching the movie "Shooter", the Mark Wahlberg film about a government conspiracy that managed to do a little bit better at the box office. The truth is, my attention slowly drifted away towards the middle of the film, so I don't remember the full plot...just the clever little messages about the Iraq War, Donald Rumsfeld, and the guy wearing the "Che" T-shirt.


Andy said...

The biggest problem is that movies like these do not help our efforts in the war on terror at all...if anything, they only hurt the morale of our soldiers who are serving on the ground.

I'm all for free speech and all that, but I'd like to see a few more films that portray America as the great nation it really is.

Votey said...

I just think no matter what people dont want to watch a movie that reminds them of what are president is putting everyone through.