Sunday, April 12, 2009

A proud moment for all Americans

Shortly after arriving in Boston this morning I saw the news that Captain Richard Phillips was freed by US Navy SEALS in the Gulf of Aden...3 of his captors were shot dead and the fourth was captured. Hearing this gave me a great rush of patriotism, and I hope that all Americans felt the same way.

Perhaps this event will show the Somali pirates and their brethren in Mogadishu, the Al-Qaeda-allied Al-Shabaab militia, that America is not going to deal with their antics. These pirates picked the wrong crew to mess with, that's for sure, and eventually, it looked like these pirates would have been satisfied if they could have escaped with their lives, never mind the $2 million ransom they were demanded. However, their potential future in pirating met a violent end.

A collage of Somali pirates...time for transport ships like Maersk Alabama to be armed so they can protect themselves.

Navy SEALS in Afghanistan...let's hope that the Taliban scum who flog young girls and blow up mosques got news of what happened off the coast of Somalia.

Anyway, the Maersk Alabama arrived safely in Mombassa, Kenya, with all of its cargo. The ship was delivering aid to suffering Africans, and luckily all of that aid will be able to reach them.


Average American said...

It's a GOOD day to be an American! Even the leftards are pretty much all giddy about it too. "Don't tread on me!" says one of my favorite flags.

C.H. said...

Damn straight AA. It feels good to see the country unified again, doesn't it? Even if its just for a moment. It's so much better to be watching this story on TV than the economic news we have been hearing about.

Anonymous said...

All the seals in this photo are deceased - killed in Afghanistan trying to rescue other special forces members who were pinned down. They're all heroes.