Friday, February 20, 2009

25 things to say

Some friends on Facebook and on the blogosphere have been encouraging me to take part in the "25 things to write about yourself" tag. I decided, why not take a break from politics and world events and do this? I go!

1) I never like to stay in the same place for an extended period of time, such as a city, state, or country, I am always determined to travel :)

2) I played sports for the first ten years of my life before I realized I didn't enjoy playing them.

3) LOST is my favorite TV show

4) John Locke is my favorite character in LOST...his faith and determination inspires me in life.

5) I am trying to learn both Arabic and Spanish at the same time, and I am thankful that I have friends who speak both languages so I can practice with them.

6) I voted for John was my first presidential election to vote in.

7) Religion is complex for me..I consider myself a Christian, I would say, but I strongly embrace all faiths and I am always eager to learn more about the world's many great religions.

8) I have been to Friday prayers at a San Francisco mosque twice now

9) Sometimes, I have a tendency to be oversensitive and I overreact to the simplest of all things

10) Spending more than two weeks without going into downtown San Francisco could very well drive me crazy, since I really enjoy the atmosphere

11) When I go to SF, I visit Pier 39 often, even though it is an extreme tourist attraction and there's not much there for a native Californian.

12) I have lived in California for almost 4 years and I still have not gone over the Golden Gate Bridge! Although, I have crossed the Bay Bridge, which is almost the same size, dozens of times.

13) Last December, I stayed at a hotel on the California-Nevada border in Lake Tahoe and I ran back and forth across the border just for fun. I went about 50 yards each way. Of course, I went to dinner later on and got to spend plenty of time in the great state of Nevada.

14) My favorite singer is Bob Marley and I know many of his lyrics by heart

15) One time, I held a conversation in Farsi with an Iranian at Tehran University. It lasted for about a minute before my counterpart was able to put me through to an English language line. I had to use an online phrase list to help me through it ;)

16) I have visited both coasts of Ireland and spent a week and a half on each one

17) Even though I am non-Muslim, I have a framed picture of the holy city of Medina because I think it is a beautiful sight to look at. I also have a framed picture of Istanbul's blue mosque.

18) I am probably one of the last people my age to start using facebook and myspace.

19) I am not quite sure what my favorite country is outside of the USA...I suppose I might just have to say ALL of them!

20) I am watching 3 White Cloud mountain minnows swimming in a mini fish tank on my desk as I write this.

21) Many people tell me that I need to develop self-confidence

22) One day, I imagine myself traveling the world and having a very exciting career as a global correspondent. I will travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and countless other amazing people that few Americans will get to see :)

23) I am extremely thankful to blogger because it has helped me meet some of the nicest friends there are.

24) Math was my most difficult subject in school...come to think of it, it was really a miracle that I was able to get enough credits in math!!

25) I keep having this strange feeling that President Barack Obama is going to make a very good decision that will make me vote for him in the next election...hmmm, we'll see how that goes :D did that go?


JG said...

Good stuff, C.H.

I love LOST too, I am a complete addict and I agree that John Locke is an excellent character.

As for your travels and career, I say go for it!

C.H. said...

Thanks JG,

Yep...I am a complete addict to LOST too. I'm not sure if you guys are on season 5 yet over in Europe but wow, it is very good so far :)

JG said...

Yeah we are on Season 5. We're just one week behind the US but I usually watch it online so I'm right up to date.

I've found it a little slow so far, but I get the feeling things will start getting very interesting soon!

C.H. said...

Oh trust me, it will ;-)

I am liking the season so far

C.H. said...

JG, when I was in Ireland, I watched the show "prison break" with some of my friends there...they were a full season behind, and I already knew everything that happened, lol.

I guess its a little better with lost.

|3run0 said...

I'm more of a Battlestar Galactica person... Forget McCain or Obama, Laura Roslin kicks ass.

C.H. said...

Hmmm...Bruno, I've caught a few episodes of BG, I still have to say that LOST is my favorite though :D

|3run0 said...

You gotta watch BWg from the beginning. From the miniseries on.

But yeah, I like Lost too.

BTW, did you see 'Generation Kill'?

C.H. said...


I have not seen "Generation Kill" yet...but I looked at it on wikipedia and it looks pretty cool! For all my readers who care, there are some spoilers over there, LOL.

Average American said...

CH, Marley is my favorite also! I have 13 Cassettes of his. I think I must have just about every song he ever did, many of them twice. Your first 24 were good, BUT, you lost some respect for 25. I'm surprised no one else called you on it.

C.H. said...


I think you can put your fears to rest on number 25...after watching Hillary Clinton's nauseating speech in China, I'm having serious doubts over my hopes that Obama is going to do something praise-worthy.

Equally sickening is watching blowhard Kerry visit Syria (while snubbing Iraq). What a sad little ensemble of delusional morons Obama has dispatched across the world.

Tomorrow I will be writing a post about Tibet, China, Obama, and Hillary.

attawie said...

Interesting !!!

I love aquariums.
All the best

Touta said...

coolio. I get number 18.:) I dont care if its uncool, i go at my own pace with technology and emails.i.e. slow. :D

C.H. said...


LOL, mine is a 2 gallon desk-top aquarium. Its pretty cool, especially if you need to focus on something else besides studying :)


Very well said! The truth is I don't even use Myspace that much...what's cool now isn't always cool later. I bet that iPhones are going to be onsale in the window for $29.99 in the next couple years!

annie said...

i can't believe you could be in SF 4 years and not go over the golden =gate brigde. not only is it a spectacular landmark, unlike the bay bridge, but marin os one of the most gorgeous places in the country, bar none. the pt reyes national seashore is there, mc clure's beach bolinas, stinson, mt tam, mill valley. it is breathtaking.

wow. massive beauty massive. get yer butt over the bridge! there's nothing like it. the gateway to northern california, total paradise.

C.H. said...


I have been right up to it, lol, near the beach. I can't even count how many times I have seen it from the pier.

You know what? It definitely is time for me to cross the Golden Gate. I think I want to walk over it and take my time to enjoy it :)

i am nobe. said...

ive been meaning to fill up my 25 things on facebook but i still dont have the time (and the guts ) to do so.

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Anonymous said...

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