Saturday, January 31, 2009

A new bastion for anti-semitism

South America has seen Nazi-like regimes come in place before, and it looks like Hugo Chavez's recent diplomatic moves against Israel are stirring the flames of anti-semitism.

Synagogue attacked in Venezuela

An armed gang has ransacked a Jewish synagogue in the Venezuelan capital Caracas after occupying the building for several hours.

About 15 unidentified men broke into the building before daubing graffiti on the walls and desecrating scriptures.

They also called for Jewish people to be expelled from the country.

Jewish leaders say tensions have risen since Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Israel this month over its recent military offensive in Gaza.

Elias Farache, president of Venezuela's Jewish Association, said the gang had tied and gagged security guards before destroying offices and the place where holy books were kept.

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli slogans were painted on the walls.

"Never in the history of Venezuela's Jewish community have we been the target of such an aggression," said Mr Farache.

"The climate is very tense. We feel threatened, intimidated, attacked."

'Moral force'

Venezuela and Israel have had strained relations for some time, and Caracas has been fiercely critical of Israel's military operations in Gaza, which started in late December.

The Venezuelan ambassador and his staff were ordered to leave the country on 6 January, and President Hugo Chavez has urged Israelis to stand up against their government.

Israel responded by ordering Venezuelan diplomats to leave, declaring them "persona non grata in Israel" earlier this week.


Azadari said...

That was quite a disturbing story...I am not sure if Chavez is involved though. It would surprise me if he is willing to risk his public credibility with such a stupid move.

But I also don;t think the government is sincere when they express their "outrage" over this incident.

thankgodimatheist said...

Let me just get this straight without too much elaboration( Can't be bothered with your kind), you're quite a piece of work...You still find it in you to cry anti Semitism just when Israel has just wiped its bloody hands from an assault where 1300 Palestinians were murdered. How many killed in that anti Semitic attack on a Synagogue in Venezuela ya JAHSH?

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