Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This just might be the most beautiful country in the world

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about the complex relationship between the United States and Iran. Needless to say, I am rather alarmed by the already strained tensions that have increased since then, which is the reason I decided to write this post.

The Iranian government has once again demonstrated its desire to create instability in the region with Tuesdays launch of several long-range missiles...including the Shahab 3, a ballistic missile capable of striking almost anywhere in the Middle East, and even southern Europe. However, as the West's standoff with Iran intensifies, I think it is important that people, especially Americans, get to see that Iran--as a country, people, and culture--is not evil, and that there are other options besides violent conflict. Personally, I believe that reaching out to the Iranian people and their amazing culture is the best option we have, as well as making sure that the democratic governments in Iraq and Afghanistan--Iran's most significant neighbors--flourish. I remember a broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh program one time, where the conservative host put together a parody song of the democrats. While I found that hilarious, since I am disgusted with "leaders" like Reid and Pelosi, he also went far enough to suggest that Iranians somehow hate the USA. Seeing that Iran is considered to be the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and routinely threatens Israel, it might not be hard to believe this. But fortunately for those of us who want to see a free Iran AND an absence of a third war in the region, there just might be hope.

First of all, look how beautiful these photos are. I have never had the honor of visiting Iran and experiencing what appears to be a breathtaking culture, but I certainly hope I do...perhaps in the not-so-distant future.

Azadi Tower, what a sight to see.

Before I began following events in the Middle East, I once believed Iran was a "desert". While some of it may be, this fresh fallen snow is just as beautiful as anything you might come across here in California--lake Tahoe--or my former home states, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

There is something to remember here: as Iran's Revolutionary Guards continue to come up with more provocative antics to antagonize the west, and the United States and Israel draw up military plans of action to strike Iran, all sides should realize that the first things to be destroyed will not be Iran's brutal theocratic will not be the state of will not be the American way of life...and it will not be the forces of terrorism that has infested Iran's borders and exported their bloody ways to other countries. No, instead, the first thing to be destroyed will be Iran's most beautiful sights, places to visit, and welcoming people.

By the way, I hope that this article reflects the true nature of Iranians--that they are not sympathetic to the ways of their government, at least when it comes to having closer relations to the west


sixtyoldman said...

there is no problem with iran actually, just some people really been too hard with iran, mainly because of

1.islamic country
2.have nuclear plan(even for energy)
3.they are nobody puppet

stop doing that, or they will hit you back,and the hit are very strong.

programmer craig said...

I disagree with the old guy. Go back to bed, gramps :P

I don't want war with Iran, but there are some significant problems that must be resolved if we are to have peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.

I think that when everything is said and done, the real tension between Iran and the U.S. is with the politicians, not the people. Go past the so-called big picture and zoom in on the streets, on the homes, on the people. People just want to enjoy life, share their culture, and be proud of the beauties of their own countries. I love to travel, and yes, I'd love to travel to Iran if I was offered the privilege.

Anand said...

Cor, Persian history is amazing. So are the Zorastrians.

Persians are very sophisticated and ancient. And very different from Arabs. They don't want to fight with anybody, not America, Europe, Russia, China, Pakistan or anybody else.

They will soon liberate themselves from the clowns ruling them.

Sandybelle said...

Very nice pics, thanks C.H., you always bring smething new and special, keep up and be safe.
:) :) :)

Muhannad said...

Very interesting! Makes me want to visit Iran. Hopefully there will soon be true democracy in Iran.