Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert: in peace

Tim Russert was once of the few media personalities who still upheld the values of traditional journalism...he had a way of being balanced with his guests, and he always focused on the most important issues. Reading the news of his death was no doubt shocking, and I hope that he will be remembered for his qualities and ability to keep his viewers and fans informed about the day's most important events. Today's media could certainly use many more people like Tim Russert, and it is a tragedy that he has been lost. The media has definitely reached a low point between the endless stories of meaningless news, celebrity gossip, and political bias, and Russert offered a much needed alternative and a step back into the way it should be with his insight. My Grandfather has a good saying about Russert's program (He was, and still is, a big fan of Tim Russert): "No matter what side his guests were on, he had a way of holding their feet to the fire". That, I must say, was very true. But it was always in a respectful way, not in the way you might see Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly handle it. Tim Russert was a very good man, may he rest in peace. I will very much miss his political analysis, as will all of those who enjoyed his views, TV show, and his personality.

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