Friday, February 15, 2008

Isn't this cute?

I know I have been spending a lot of time talking about the Middle East these last few days, but this is something I feel is very important and needs to be brought to our attention.

Meet Assud the Bunny...he enjoys brainwashing children, betraying a religion's values, and eating Jews. It may seem like some demented episode of "South Park", but this is very real. The TV show, known as "Pioneers of Tomorrow", that features Assud is shown to thousands of children in the Palestinian territories, where they are taught to embrace violence and instead could very well end up being the murderers of tomorrow.

This video shows the "host" of the show, Saraa, an 11-year old girl, singing about liberating Palestine by force. The words "Kalashnikov" (AK-47) and "sea of blood" make it into the song a few times, as frightening as it is to hear such evil hate coming from the mouth of a seemingly innocent little girl.

A few months back, if you recall, congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich paid a visit to Syria, a country that helps fund these hate-preaching propaganda channels that target children. Anyway, Dennis went on Syrian hate-television and denounced American foreign policy, railing against President Bush and the war in Iraq and proclaiming that Syria and Iran can have a positive influence in the Middle East. In my opinion, what he did was border-line treasonous. Obviously, the man has every right to say whatever he wants about President Bush and can criticize American foreign policy however he sees fit, but the fact that he would fly over to a country that is funding these evil people is beyond shameful. There's little doubt that his rant was played across the extremist realm, including in Iran, the country that has this little axis of hate and propaganda spinning around the region like the centrifuges at its uranium enrichment sites.

This really is sad. When I was reading up on "Pioneers of Tomorrow", I saw that the little girl, Saraa, originally wanted to become a docter, but is now perfectly happy being a martyr instead. Just the same, the leaders of Hamas and their Iranian and Syrian supporters would probably prefer to use her and other innocent Palestinians for such a mission instead of sacrificing themselves.

It's things like this that makes us wish for more good in this world.

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